Application screen

dropboxThis application can display images uploaded to Dropbox.

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diPot can easily check the image

You can easily check images created for various purposes. diPot also supports Display and Rasterize display of Retina, so it will be useful on the Web and application development site as well!

File type and display
Image file .png .jpg .gif (1x) Display by export size
Image file .png .jpg .gif (2x/3x) Display by Retian correspondence
Image file image.pdf Display with rasterization
Application screen: Image file type and display

diPot can easily check the screen mocks

The mockup of the vertical long screen is not resized by the vertical width of the display area and is displayed as it is. You can check with the correct size. You can zoom in and out of course.

To register as a mockup
Image file screen_image@2x.png
Please upload with "screen" at the beginning of file name! Please make it an image file such as .png or .jpg. Reteina display is also supported.
Application screen: screen mockup

dipot can display parts side-by-side

Multiple images can be displayed horizontally and vertically. It is very convenient to check related parts at once or to compare multiple design plans.

Multiple selection by long press

Application screen: Multiple selection by long press

It can switching between columns and sideways

Application screen: It can switching between columns and sideways

diPot can lay background color

By painting the color of the background of the image, you can confirm it in the state close to completion. The set colors are automatically listed and easily managed!

Hue circle

Is the color different? Adjustment at such time as well!

Create color with dedicated keyboard

Application screen: Create color with dedicated keyboard

Easy resetting from the list

Application screen: Easy resetting from the list

Image confirmation, more conveniently and more accurately.

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Company name
Kakusho Ouchi
Capital Stock
July 2015
Picasso Sakaisuji-Hommachi Bld.4F, 1-8-8, Bakuromachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 541-0059, Japan

Web Services

  • ・"Simulacra", a web service where users can upload pictures which show all kind of things with human face-like shapes.


  • ・Offering low price high quality products by establishing direct connections with the product makers.
  • ・The staff oberserves the products and explains in a careful way all the points that the client might be anxious about
  • ・Management that puts the clients peace of mind and satisfaction first
  • ・Regular delivery of an email magazone informing about new products and sale deals

Internet Media

  • ・Introducing Japanese culture towards overseas.